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Our Rooms

Escape Chambers: Choose your adventure and escape reality!
Escape Rooms are recommended for date nights, team building, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate outings, students, or anyone else who likes to adventure!

The Party Room


Simon says to come over, so you come over. Simon likes puzzles, riddles, and games. You like games too but you never know what’s in store when you see him. As you enter his new “party room” and hear the door click behind you, you immediately know the game has begun! View Trailer

movie night.png
Movie Night

After being invited to house-sit for your friend, you decide to invite a few friends over for a movie night. But your friend has a secret and the entire house locks down. Can you get out before time runs out?



Being an agent for an organization known for its secrecy, it’s odd to still be surprised by CIA intelligence but here we are. Hand-picked, top of your class, best of the best of the best… Your just what they need and the stakes have never been higher… View Trailer

The Warlocked


Witches, goblins, and spells, oh my! A society of witches and wizards exists, hidden until now. Non-magical folk have been dropping like flies and it’s only now obvious it's not a coincidence. A dark and powerful wizard is on the loose and it’s up to you to stop him… View Trailer

the cellur.png
The Cellar


“Where… where am I?...” The last thing you remember was the bar and if there’s one thing you know, this ain’t it. Bodies strung from the ceiling, a horrible stench wafting through the air… If you want to make it out alive, panicking is not an option. View Trailer

Kiss of the Dragon


Hanzo Jiro runs the largest illegal gambling racket in all of Las Vegas. As the Oyubun, the "father," of one of the oldest and largest yakuza clans in the country, the Inagawa-Kai, the family's presence is notorious. Many yakuza of Kyushu Seido-Kai want to shift the balance of power. Short of all-out war, which would result in heavy losses for the Seido-Kai, there is only one option... View Trailer

honeymoon suite.png
Honeymoon Suite


Two of your best friends are going on their honeymoon in Vegas but after a week of hearing nothing from them, it's time to call the cops. While they assure you there was "no foul play" and they must have skipped town, you know something else is going on. It's up to you to find out what happened but you could never imagine what darkness lurks in Sin City... View Trailer

the morning after.png
Morning After


When you were asked to be a member of your friend's wedding party, you had no idea it would be like this. As you start to clean yourself up from the night before, only blurry fragments of incomplete memories come to mind, except one item, that becomes increasingly clear as you scan the hotel room; it is going to be very difficult to have a wedding... View Trailer



You are a dental assistant enjoying your day off. You see on the news that the dentist you work for has just been arrested and is being accused of multiple murders!! You immediately receive a phone call from your friend at the police department letting you know the dentist is trying to frame you for the murders. He advises you to turn yourself in and you plan on it, but not before you go to the dentist office and find evidence to clear your name. Welcome to novocaine…..

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