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About Us

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What is Escape Chambers

Think of your favorite movie. Now imagine being able to plunge right through the screen and be part of it! Escape Chambers creates the scenarios and storylines and lets you and your team experience them! Ever wanted to be part of a jewel heist? Get mixed up with the mafia? Be a CIA agent? Experience a world of magic? The list goes on because just like the movies, Escape Chambers covers every genre. Choose your adventure and escape reality!

What is an Escape Room?

Started in Japan around 2006, Escape Rooms have exploded across the world. Don’t be fooled into thinking that escape rooms are only for horror fans (although we do have rooms for those who love being scared!). Escape Rooms are built to test your guile and grit. It’s problem solving and team building at its finest. A mission is given to you and there’s 60 minutes to complete it. Sounds simple right? Why don’t you stop in and find out?...

Can we bring food or drink into the rooms?

No food is allowed in the escape rooms but beverages purchased from our bar are allowed to be kept in certain areas of each room. So, YES, drink beer while you work on your escape!

Will I be playing with other players?

No, all of our escape rooms are private to your group only.

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