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What is Escape Chambers?

Think of your favorite movie. Now imagine being able to plunge right through the screen and be part of it! Escape Chambers creates the scenarios and storylines and lets you and your team experience them! Ever wanted to be part of a jewel heist? Get mixed up with the mafia? Be a CIA agent? Experience a world of magic? The list goes on because just like the movies, Escape Chambers covers every genre. Choose your adventure and escape reality!
Corporate Team Building
Implement puzzle improve communication solve synergy organize team building connection pla

Whether you’re a business, a sports team, or a club, TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Chemistry is an often under-appreciated characteristic of efficiency. Who is the leader in your group? Who is great at delegating? How does your squad handle pressure? Do an Escape Chamber and after 60 minutes, you’ll have a lot of those questions answered…Click here

Birthday Parties
Girls' night out

Escape Chambers' bread and butter! Any group size, any variety of interests, we can figure out a way to accommodate everyone so you have the birthday you deserve! Click here

Date Night
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Is there a better way to get to know someone than going on an adventure with them? We think not! The best part of a date night with Escape Chambers is you’ll have a great grasp of who someone is after 60 minutes of working together! Click here

Krazy Golf is Coming to Iowa Later this Year

Check out our other location for a sneak peak at what to expect

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