Escape Chambers Team Building
We can arrange all the details for your groups of 8 to more than 200 plus people. Escaping one of our rooms requires all the elements of good teamwork. Keen observation, problem-solving skills, and proper communication are essential to get out in time. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together for one unique and engaging purpose. Build up your team’s ability to problem solve together and be entertained in the process.
Our corporate events are more than just a unique and exciting way to build a team – they are the perfect activity for coworkers to work together, learn about each other, and strengthen their working relationships while building individual and group confidence.
Discover the hidden talents and skills of your staff, and let our team make this an experience you will never forget!


Escape Chambers: Choose your adventure and escape reality!
Escape Rooms are recommended for date nights, team building, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate outings, students, or anyone else who likes to adventure!

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Phone: (515) 300-8125